Let’s find out how you can receive a loan of 500 euros online with immediate disbursement. We will see which companies offer their customers the possibility of obtaining a mini-loan that allows them to have the desired amount of money immediately available. Finally, how to request a small loan of 500 euros through the website or through the app of the company from PC, smartphone and tablet.

Get an online loan payday loan right away

How to get a 500 euro loan right away

If you are looking for an online payday loan, don’t worry because you may use this resource from Payday Loan Helpers. Often when we need a small sum of money we can turn to some relative or friend ready to give us a hand, however, although certainly convenient, this solution is not always feasible. For this reason, small loans are created, offered by any company on more or less favorable terms.

This is obviously because low sums also correspond to a low profit for the bank that grants the loan. Despite this, as we have said, there is no shortage of financial institutions that offer their customers the possibility of requesting a loan of 500 euros online, so as to immediately receive the sum they need. The first company you can contact is Cleopar, and the product you need to request is MiniCredito Cleopar. This solution allows you to receive a loan starting from 500 euros up to a maximum of 1,500 euros. As pointed out on the company’s website, it is a real reserve of money, which the customer has at his disposal once the request is made at one of the Cleopar branches. As for the refund, this will be done by paying small monthly installments of 50 or 100 euros.

Another financial that allows us to request 500 euros is Ambos. The form of financing to be requested in this case is that of the personal loan, which makes it possible to request a sum ranging from 500 to 30,000 euros. As with any other sum, we are offered the possibility of requesting an online quote via the company’s website, which allows us to immediately know the characteristics of our financing. The duration of our loan must be between 6 and 21 months. These two extreme solutions will correspond, respectively, to a repayment installment of 84.77 euros, with Tan interest rates 5.89% and Taeg 6.05%, and installment of only 25.12 euros, with Tan of 5, 91% and Taeg of 6.07%. The following table shows all the information on the various loan options available.

6 months 84.77 euros 5.89 6.05
9 months 56.93 euros 5.90 6.07
12 months 43.01 euros 5.90 6.07
15 months 34.66 euros 5.91 6.07
18 months 29.09 euros 5.89 6.05
21 months 25.12 euros 5.91 6.07

In this case, as can also be seen from the table, the repayment installments provided are not particularly high since it is a 500 euro loan. For this reason the best thing to do is to choose a fairly low duration to avoid paying too much for interest. Thanks to the table you can immediately identify the ideal solution with respect to your needs. Once the installment has been calculated, we will be able to proceed with the loan request directly online, filling in the relevant form and receiving the desired sum in a short time.

Mini loans of 500 euros between private individuals online, fast and immediate

Mini loans of 500 euros between private individuals online, fast and immediate

An excellent solution that allows us to immediately receive the financing we need at often very convenient conditions is that of loans between private individuals. Many think that this is an illegal or a dangerous practice, given that it is not a bank but a private person that will lend us the money we need. On the other hand, there are several online communities that offer their users the possibility of offering and receiving loans safely. How do internet sites that allow you to apply for loans between individuals work? It is very simple: when registering you can specify if you want to receive a loan or offer your money on loan to those who need it.

This is the principle of the so-called ” social lending “, which can be translated as “social loan”. In this case, in fact, the lender gives concrete help to those who need it, but at the same time make an investment that allows him to make a profit from his savings. There are several platforms that connect lenders with applicants. The loan request is made completely online, therefore with considerable time savings. As in the case of the loans offered by the banks, not all the communities that allow loans to private individuals allow us to receive a loan of only 500 euros.

Among the main internet sites for private loans, for example Anor offers its users to request a sum of between 1,000 and 15,000 euros. The regulation of Prestiamoci instead provides funding for amounts from 1,500 euros to 25,000 euros. If the amount you need is 500 euros, and the solution you want is that of loans between individuals, then the website you need to visit is that of BLender. Here it is in fact possible to request a loan for amounts between 500 and 10,000 euros, with a reimbursement ranging from 18 to 36 monthly installments. To apply for funding, what you will need to do is register on the site and fill out the relevant form with the characteristics of the financing you want and specifying your economic situation.

Loan of 500 euros without payroll and without guarantees

Loan of 500 euros without payroll and without guarantees

A big advantage related to the fact that the sum of 500 euros is not particularly high certainly concerns the greater ease with which it is possible to have access to credit. From this point of view it is important to take a look at the requirements necessary to be able to apply for a loan. The guarantee that most of all is required by the credit institutions that must provide a loan is the pay slip. This in fact constitutes an insured income for the customer, from which therefore the agreed monthly payment can be deducted each month. Many times the agreement with the bank provides for an automatic deduction from the salary, which avoids the customer having to remember the due date every month to pay the monthly payment. If you are a salaried employee and you need a 500 euro loan, then you will no doubt have no problem getting it, even if you have no further collateral. What to do if you are without payroll?

The first category of customers who can receive a loan of 500 euros even without pay is that of pensioners. The former workers currently in retirement can offer the same guarantees as the pay slip simply by presenting the last payslips of the pension or the receipts of the INPS payments. The reason is very simple: the pension, as well as the salary, constitutes an insured income every month and therefore ensures the bank the timely payment of the installments. The only difference compared to the 500 euro loans for employees is the cost related to the Risk Fund. This amount varies according to the age of the customer, as the risk of the loaning bank increases with the age of the customer. For this reason, obviously an elder is certainly more at risk than a young worker and this risk turns into a higher cost for financing. In any case, since it is a small loan, the duration will not be particularly high and therefore this expense will also be rather low.

A type of customer that unfortunately often experiences problems in receiving a loan is that of the self-employed, such as freelancers. These sometimes earn more than an employee, but despite this they are denied the desired credit because without pay. Fortunately, especially in the case of loans of only 500 euros there are alternative guarantees to payroll, and in this case the income document that can be presented to the company to which we refer is the last tax return. In particular, it will be necessary to complete the Unique Model, as defined by the current laws, which will be brought to the branch at the time of the request. Through this document the company will have the possibility to carry out all the necessary assessments to determine a maximum threshold relative to the monthly installment that can be set. Compared to employees, who have a fixed salary, self-employed workers have variable earnings over time, and therefore this necessary analysis could slightly lengthen waiting times to receive the 500 euros we need.

Undoubtedly, those who find the greatest difficulties in receiving a loan of any kind are unemployed. Banks, especially in this period of crisis, are increasingly reluctant to lend to those who do not offer adequate guarantees. In the case we are considering, since it is a 500 euro loan, this problem could be solved by presenting a guarantor. This is the only solution that allows an unemployed person to receive a loan without pay. In this case the guarantees required by the bank will not be provided directly by the borrower but by a third person, who is the guarantor. The latter may be a relative or even a friend, with the sole obligation of having a pay slip to be presented at the time of the request. The terms of the loan will be the same as we saw in the previous paragraphs. Therefore, the customer can choose the duration and set the repayment rate at his own discretion, which he must undertake to pay every month by the established expiry date. In the event of non-payment, the guarantor is responsible for having to pay the amount not reimbursed based on the contract signed at the time the loan was requested.

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