Crediter payday loan online.

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A new company that offers easy credit from 100% online platform. I have followed the online lending market in Brazil and in recent years many credit companies have appeared and created web platforms with online systems. Is the Brazilian already accustomed to this type of operation? Yes.

As I said, with the growth of Internets Bankings and online shopping stores, many people are already accustomed to doing almost everything by computer and even smartphone. I myself know many online payday loan stores that online only have the website, the service is always by phone. Anyway, anyone looking for a credit tool, the Crediter platform can come in handy. The site offers payday loan through a 100% online system.

Crediter was generated as a fintech startup (financial technology). It is worth mentioning that Brazil has become a barn for companies like this. The purpose of Crediter loan is to grant in a totally virtual way, that is, having web access, manages to do. Despite the short operating time, the company already has a customer base that grows every day.

Crediter alternative access to credit

Trigg alternative access to credit

Alternatives to access credit are welcome. Crediter operates in the market through correspondence banking, in this type of partnership, one part does the intermediation of payday loans and the other end, grants. Who makes the credit concessions is the Financial OMNI. Unfortunately I searched for Crediter applications for my Android and iOS, and did not find it. According to the company this will soon be implemented.

Who can use Crediter services? All economically active persons, who have income and financial profile. In general the users of the service request the famous loan fast and easy, Crediter releases up to R $ 6 thousand. Regarding the profile, each client receives the concessions according to the need and, an analysis is done, as well as in the conventional banks.

With the platform developed by Crediter, the main focus is to conduct transactions totally online, that is, are digital, made for users who prefer not to have to talk on the phone like most online loan sites or have to go to agencies or stores to take documents and face queues.

Credit at Crediter Loan

Credit at Trigg Loan

Simple. The online payday loan application is made exclusively by the correspondent’s own website. The first step is to fill out a simulation and register, you will also need to send basic documents: RG – identity, CPF, Proof of income and residence.

The process does not differ from the usual financial system, sending the information, they will be validated, the profile will be analyzed by the “Crediter loan” to develop the best possible and personalized interest rate, all online. There is also verification of the payment options and quantity of parcels.

Once approval is obtained, the client signs the contract via the web and receives the money in two business days. If the customer has doubts, these can be taken by Chat or even by phone. There are some criteria to release the loan, among them: the borrower had to be Brazilian, must reside in Brazil, be over 21 years of age, have an active current account with the CPF and nominal receipts of income and residence.

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