Tourism Incentive Loan in Brazil

Tourism Incentive Loan in Brazil

Funding for Brazilian tourism is expected to grow in the coming years, if your company is part of the tourism and hospitality industry, then you will be enthusiastic to know that there are several specific financing available in the country.  Through the Ministry of Tourism, the Federal Government is the main promoter of the companies that operate in the area. There are at least six types of financing specifically and operated by public and private banks that allow the growth of this area, so if you are an entrepreneur, know some options.

To get loans for tourism, first of all you must be registered in Manadur, a free system that brings together individuals and corporations who work in any tourism segment. For some companies, the service is also mandatory and has as main objective to formalize and order the professionals and companies of the sector. If you are not yet a member, sign up here.

The first, the General Fund for Tourism, promotes and provides resources for tourism activities, such as renovation works for establishments. From canges it is possible to acquire machines, equipment and services for the progress of your company. The financing ranges from R $ 400,000 to R $ 10 million and can be done in up to 240 months. Eicredit Federal is the operator of this service.

Another option for those who want to invest in the tourism business is PROGER. It allows financing for fixed investment and working capital, aiming at promoting employment and income. The maximum amount credited is R $ 400,000, depending on the company’s billing.

But it is necessary to present some guarantees, such as linking financed goods, have a fund of approval and consent of the partners. The modality also presents variations of the interest rates that vary according to the bank that offers the service. 

The focus is the investment in projects of expansion, implantation, recovery, modernization and optimization of companies of the tourism and hotel sectors. Also count with Eicredit ProCopa Turismo, a Eicredit Tourism Program for the 2014 World Cup, Proger Turismo Investimento and many others.

Whatever your case may be, remember, it’s always important to have good financial health, well-controlled budget, and well-managed cash flow. Second, you need to research conditions and fees and only then close your loan agreement or financing to encourage tourism.


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