20 young people learn about money, budgeting and life at a financial literacy workshop: Maui Now

Twenty young people filled the Maui Economic Opportunity classroom on Wednesday, October 5 for the final day of the two-day Financial Literacy for Teens course. The course is offered free through MEO’s Business Development Center in partnership with the Hawai’i State Federal Credit Union and the Maui County Office of Economic Development, which funds the course. PC: MEO

Twenty middle and high school youth received an introduction to the basics of personal finance and budgeting — and an awakening to adulthood and life — during Maui’s two-day financial literacy for teens workshop Economic Opportunity this week.

The workshop, hosted by MEO’s Business Development Center on Monday, October 3 and Wednesday, October 5, taught young people the importance of saving and putting money into a 401(k), getting a good job, maintaining good credit and wisely securing loans.

The Teen Financial Literacy course instructors are Jaimie Dukelow of Hawaiʻi State Federal Credit Union (right) and Lianne Peros-Busch of BDC. PC: MOE

One participant said the budgeting session left young people “frightened”, but more informed about “what my parents went through and how they helped”.


The instructors were Lianne Peros-Busch from the BDC and Jaimie Dukelow from the Hawaiʻi State Federal Credit Union. The Maui County Office of Economic Development funded the workshop, which was offered free of charge.

“The main objective of the workshop is to provide young people with the skills, tools and knowledge to make sound financial decisions and a foundation to help them achieve their life goals,” said BDC’s Peros-Busch. . “We hope these young people have learned the value of taking control of their finances and saving for the important things in their lives rather than being forced to react to reckless, impulsive decisions that can stress them out about paying the bills. .”

BDC offers the Teen Financial Literacy course during the summer and some school holidays. The Adult Financial Literacy course is offered monthly on the third Wednesday and Thursday. The next two-day course, offered via Zoom, will take place October 19 and 20, from 10 a.m. to noon on both days.


For more information, contact BDC’s Heather Wells at 808-243-4317 or download the app at https://form.jotform.com/211885618663163.

The adult course is also offered free of charge.

Young people who have completed the Teen Financial Literacy course pose for a photo with their instructors, Jaimie Dukelow and Lianne Peros-Busch. PC: MOE

Geraldine L. Melton