Ashley Loveless Cunningham Presents a Financial Literacy Course for Teens

August 29, 2022 – ATLANTA, United States of America – Most adults probably didn’t have the opportunity to take a personal finance course when they were in high school. And that’s a shame because these classes can teach teens the skills they need to become self-sufficient, self-sufficient, independent adults. That’s why Ashley Loveless Cunningham created an eight-module financial literacy course for teens ages 13-19.

Adults who have graduated from high school have taken a similar course called economics, but many public schools no longer offer it. This is unfortunate, because financial literacy is more important than ever as the economy changes and technology advances. Ashley saw the lack of literacy among American teens, as evidenced by studies that show that more than 75% of young adults in the United States, ages 18-24, are in debt because they spend more than they only earn every month. For this reason, they rely on monthly credit cards to make ends meet. Also, since they have no credit history, they pay more and more interest on the resulting debt.

Financial literacy refers to the skills and knowledge our children should have to make sound financial decisions. Teaching kids to spend their money wisely right from the start is just as important as teaching them good manners and habits. Financial literacy encourages saving for specific goals and spending only on what is necessary and affordable. Ultimately, this will play an important role in allowing them to live happier and more financially secure lives. Every child will turn 18 and receive a credit score, but many won’t know how that score is calculated or what steps to take to maximize that number.

Financial literacy is key to helping young people manage their money effectively in order to become financially stable, build assets, and achieve personal goals. Decisions made in early adulthood can have lasting financial consequences. Society needs more education programs that increase the number of financially literate citizens who can make better and wiser financial decisions in their own lives. Such programs are beneficial not only for the individual but also for society. The 2008 financial crisis demonstrated that bad financial decisions made by individuals had a negative impact on our country.

After starting her credit repair business, Ashley quickly realized that such a program was needed. The young person needs the advice of adults in more ways than one. Ashley says, “I love breaking generational curses, and the youth have a thing for me. I wanted to give them a fresh start, teach them things we didn’t learn as young adults.

Loveless Ashley Cunningham, CEO Ash Da Life Changer, is often referred to as the “Lady Who Leaves Nothing on the Table.” Born and raised in Mobile, AL, Ashley is a serial entrepreneur. Along with successfully running her credit repair business, she had the good fortune to own and operate several other businesses which led to Ashley starting her coaching career. As the industry’s newest mentor, Ashley hopes to return the love, passion and joy she has received over the years.

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