Company promotes financial literacy with back-to-school campaign | The Guardian Nigeria News

United Capital recently launched its back-to-school campaign aimed at promoting financial literacy among children.

The campaign began with a workshop on financial literacy, titled: “Money savvy kid”. The initiative was inspired by an urgent need to close the financial literacy gap in the country, in order to foster a thriving economy.

The workshop, both physical and virtual, attracted over 1,000 children across Nigeria and beyond.

The session served as a learning experience for children, aged seven to 12, preparing them to become financially responsible adults in the future by teaching the fundamentals of financial planning and money management. such as budgeting, saving and investing.

Next, the children explored a simulated grocery store, where they learned about the value of money as well as the concept of demand and supply.

The company’s Group Chief Executive, Peter Ashade, said: “Financial literacy is a powerful skill that should be in every child’s toolbox and instilled in them from an early age. It should also be included in the curriculum of every educational institution, as it has been repeatedly shown to be a key determinant and driver of financial inclusion.

“We are committed to promoting the development of a financially literate population because we believe this is the pathway to securing economic power in Nigeria and Africa in general,” he added.

In line with its goal of providing financial freedom, the company will award three participants ₦150,000, ₦100,000 and ₦50,000 to encourage them to put their newly acquired financial skills to good use.

In addition, a participant will have the opportunity to assume the position of CEO of the company for a day, with the aim of encouraging him to set high goals and ambitions.

Geraldine L. Melton