Liberia: PDFF Reaches Climax in Raising Public Financial Management Awareness in Margibi and Grand Bassa Counties

The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), through the Comptroller and Accountant General’s Department, conducted over the weekend the culmination of a robust two-week sensitization on the management of public finance in Margibi and Grand Bassa counties.

Prior to the Margibi and Grand Bassa exercises, they had taken place in Montserrado and Bomi counties.

It aimed to inform the citizens of the four counties: Montserrado, Bomi, Margibi and Grand Bassa on how the government collects public resources and how these resources are spent in the right direction for development purposes.

And it took place under the theme: “Public Finance Management & You” with its location at the Grand Bassa Community College (GBCC) campus.

Speaking at the opening in Margibi County, the Director of Treasury Accounting/Technical Services, Mr. Dee D. Sandman, an agent for the Hon. Janga A. Kowo expressed his joy in the assigned task.

According to Sandman, public financial management is the process that guides financial officers, controllers, and accountants in the discharge of government resources and how those resources are managed.

He noted that public resources are resources that belong to all citizens of the country. “When you talk about PFM, the first thing that comes to mind is budget, and when you talk about budget, the first thing you talk about is revenue, because revenue is the function of all economy,” says Sandman.

Sandman said the word “Budget” is about projection, it’s not about money sitting somewhere. He said that all sources of revenue are determined from where the government draws the resources to do the budget process for a particular fiscal year.

He says that when the government pays tuition fees for all public universities in the country, it is called GFP in action because part of the money comes from the budget.

Sandiman explained that the roads on which citizens travel from one destination to another come from the taxes the government collects, and it’s called PFM.

To the President of Grand Bassa Community College, Dr. Samuel K. Monwell delivered remarks described as ‘joy and excitement’ for the team at the Department of Finance and Development who plan to prepare for the storm to cross the entire bridge just to inform university students.

“I am delighted to have the team from the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, especially to see you crossing the bridge preparing for the storm to come and brief us,” says Dr Monwell.

According to him, public financial management awareness at the Grand Bassa Community college campus will give students a broad knowledge and image of what PFM stands for, what are some of the reforms that the government has implemented from 2018 to today.

He emphasized that the support of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to the University is timely and appreciates the type of partnership demonstrated and built over the years. “We depend on you for everything, especially to meet our salary support, meet our stipend and all free tuition at the University. Today awareness is good for our students and we are advocating for more commitment in the county and on the University of Grand Bassa campus again,” adds Dr Monwell.

Geraldine L. Melton