Martin Lewis: Financial adviser Martin Lewis is asking the UK’s ‘zombie government’ to plan for winter to avoid an impending rise in energy prices. Find out what he said

Martin Lewis, who is famous in Britain for his economic advice and financial planning, has spoken out strongly against the government.

He believes that the “zombie government” should immediately wake up from its deep slumber and ignorance of the concerns of the people. He says what is needed now is thorough planning for the winter and how the government will help citizens cope with the impending rise in energy prices.

Prices have already increased mainly due to the war in Ukraine and global energy price indices around the world. Average annual household spending on energy is already up from the £3,359 expected in the first week of this month.

It is currently at £3,582. From January 2023, it is expected to reach a new high of £4,266, then £4,427 in April. When you compare the hike to the forecast for April 2023 it was £3,729.

Millions of people in the country cannot even comprehend this high amount, let alone pay it. If this problem is not solved right now, people will face hard times during the winters and many houses will have no heating.

Cornwall Insight, financial analysts in the UK, have predicted a bleak outlook for the coming winter, and £3,582 is a considerable sum for most families to pay. Now, with forecasts hitting the £4,000 bracket, it’s unthinkable to think what kind of winter the general population would face.

This, in effect, negates the government’s planned £400 support for the general population and far exceeds the £1,200 support for the poorest of the poor, who make up around 8 million households.

Martin says the government’s response to rising energy for the poor is like a sticky little bandage for a gaping wound.

Leaders, who are busy debating Britain’s leadership issues, cannot avoid this question. Leaders also need to discuss this as it could catapult the issue into a huge problem this winter.

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Martin asks all leaders of the Conservative Party to unite to find a solution to the problem for the general public. We will have to see in the coming days how the leaders plan to solve this emerging problem.

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Geraldine L. Melton