Nonprofit organization donates $1.4 million for high school financial literacy

Nonprofit Donates $1.4 Million for High School Financial Literacy | EdSource

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California-based non-profit organization Next Generation Personal Finance donated $1.4 million to the California Department of Education for grants to train high school teachers to offer personal finance electives as well as grants to some districts to hire finance specialists personal.

Next Gen Personal Finance offers high school and middle school programs in personal finance, as well as professional development courses for teachers.

Donation will pay for professional development workshops to ‘increase teachers’ confidence’ to teach classes in their high schools on personal finance, an education ministry says Press release. Teachers will receive stipends to participate in the program, according to the press release.

The donation will also pay district matching grants for the five largest public school districts in the state – Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, Long Beach and San Francisco – to hire specialists who would provide program support and development. professional to teachers on a personal basis. financial instruction.

Department of Education officials said the donation from Next Gen Personal Finance complements the state’s $3.5 billion discretionary block grant for arts, music and teaching materials included in the budget. of the State 2022-2023. This grant is available to county offices of education, school districts, charter schools, and public social schools and could be used to expand financial literacy course offerings throughout fiscal year 2025- 26.

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