OTH Hotels Resorts Streamlines Financial Management Processes with Aptech’s PVNG |

Upon discovering PVNG, Aptech’s advanced business accounting solution based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, OTH immediately made the switch and Wheeler realized his wish to operate as a paperless accounting operation. . (Shown here: Hyde Beach House, Hollywood, Florida)


With rising revenue volumes across its portfolio of independent, branded and soft-branded hotels and resorts, the third-party management company OTH Hotels Resorts needed a way to streamline its finance processes without incurring costly support costs. Unable to self-administer changes directly in its existing accounting system, the young hospitality company – founded in January 2020 – was paying exorbitant administrative fees just to change a single employee’s password or add/remove access to the system as staff came and went.

Corporate Finance Director David Wheeler knew it was time for a change. The 33-year-old hospitality veteran said he has always had huge success with aptech, the industry standard for hospitality financial management. Upon discovering PVNG, Aptech’s advanced business accounting solution based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, OTH immediately made the switch and Wheeler realized his wish to operate as a paperless accounting operation. .

“Our former accounting solutions provider was more focused on the support contract than the product; it was frustrating to say the least,” Wheeler said. “So I reached out to Aptech – an accounting system I could always rely on – to start a new conversation. Only knowing their previous generation accounting product, Profitvue, I was thrilled to learn that Aptech had developed a new SaaS solution, PVNG It has all the best practice features I remember from the past, but it’s based on modern technology that allows us to operate in the cloud and function as a paperless office by digitizing invoices and attaching them digitally to AP ledgers, journal entries and more. This was exactly the kind of efficiency I was looking for. PVNG has all the functionality available in expensive general ledger and accounts payable systems, but it is offered as a subscription service, giving us a custom solution at an out-of-the-box software price. we have achieved with PVNG allow us to be more competitive because we pass the savings on to our customers.

“The biggest differentiator is that Aptech doesn’t treat its support program as an inexhaustible source of revenue generation,” he said. “They suggested a higher level of support for the first 90 days while we got to grips with the system, but after that we could reduce our reliance on support if needed. Today we manage 90% of all the support in-house because PVNG is very user-friendly and intuitive. Any changes we need to make within the system, we can do ourselves. . . free. Gone are the days of paying support bills ridiculous for simple resets.With Aptech and PVNG, support issues are a thing of the past.

PVNG is a game changer in the world of hotel accounting. It includes the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Statistics, Financials, and Bank Reconciliation that today’s hotel operators seek with essential browser navigation. Its OCR invoice processing, myriad payment options, drill-down capabilities in financial statements and reports, ability to manage accounting for one or more properties, and the fact that it can be deployed as a hosted service explain why this accounting solution is in such demand.

“We are thrilled to have David Wheeler back in the Aptech family and to add OTH Hotels Resorts to our growing list of satisfied and high performing management company clients,” said Sam Costa, Director of Customer Service and support from Aptech. “No one is happier than Sales Manager Kimberly Sieminski, who has forged a long-term friendship with Dave over the years; their desire to stay in touch has paid off for both companies. It’s a real testimonial from the Aptech sales team; they are relationship builders who truly care about the success of their customers.

“OTH Hotels Resorts is a rising star in the management company market,” Costa said. “They love the resort business, as demonstrated by their diverse portfolio of upscale hotels. When you operate a mix of independents, brands, and softbrands like OTH, you need financial management software that can be customized to meet each property’s needs and support brand standards. Aptech has been developing customizable web-based financial management software for over 50 years. We have the tool that today’s challenging accountants need to dynamically access, visualize, compare and analyze performance data from their single or multi-property and multi-brand hotel portfolios. It is a real pleasure to bring OTH into the Aptech fold, and we look forward to onboarding other properties as they continue to grow in the future.

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Geraldine L. Melton