Salesforce Implements Workday Financial Management to Support Growth

Salesforce is a fast growing company. Without going any further, its revenues increased by 22% in its last financial year and, as the organization grows, the need arises to support this growth. Therefore, he addresses his own digital transformation of two important areas: human resources and finance.

In the area of ​​human resources, the company already implements solutions for human capital management (HCM), weekday recruiting, weekday time tracking and weekday payroll in the United States and Canada, and now Workday announced that the organization has launched Workday Have selected Financial Management, Weekday Accounting Center, Weekday Adaptive Planning and Weekday Prism Analytics for your financial industry.

As the supplier explains, with its Enterprise Management Cloud solution, Salesforce will be able to have all the financial, human and operational data in a single and adaptable system, and allow it greater visibility when making decisions. In this regard, Faye Olson, Salesforce’s senior vice president of business technologies in the area of ​​business enablement, pointed out that “Workday’s human and financial resources management solutions provide a single system that helps us to create opportunities for collaboration with our financial and human resources. ” Is it that. organization.

The solution provides an analytical foundation that integrates and transforms large amounts of operational activity into accounting entries and workforce data related to talent and management needs.

The result is a greater ability to react quickly to market changes, model multiple scenarios, and make adjustments to plans.

Geraldine L. Melton