SJA Financial Advisory changes name to Broadview Financial Management

WAUWATOSA, Wisconsin – SJA Financial Advisory, LLC, a registered investment advisor that provides personal financial planning and discretionary asset management services for a fee only, announced today that it will begin operating under a new name – Broadview Financial Management, LLC. The company name change is part of a rebranding initiative the company has launched to better reflect the company’s values ​​and processes.

Matt Goihl, CEO of Broadview Financial Management, said “The old name came from an affiliated accounting firm that no longer exists and we wanted a name that was more in line with what we do and who we are. Broadview Financial Management reflects our fundamental philosophy that truly meaningful financial planning services are comprehensive and broad-based, therefore, we take a broad view.Before preparing a financial plan or managing a client’s assets, we must understand goals, resources, preferences, risks and more.

Along with the new name, Broadview Financial Management unveiled its new website, “The new website has an updated look and includes many resources focused on our existing customer base. The team spent a lot of time making sure our customers would find useful information and more up-to-date content. Today’s markets are changing faster than ever and we wanted a better way to reach our customers with the news they need,” said Goihl.

“The things that haven’t changed are our team, our location, our vision and our values. We continue to be an independent financial advisor that puts our clients first by focusing on our role as a fiduciary that provides unbiased advice. We don’t sell commission-based products,” said Mike Arnow, financial planner and shareholder emeritus.


Broadview Financial Management provides personal financial planning and discretionary asset management services for a fee only. Pay only means unbiased advice as no commission products are sold. Information on retirement planning, tax planning, investments and other fiduciary services are available at

Geraldine L. Melton