You can win $10,000 and learn more about financial literacy just by playing ValueChampion’s #VCWorld

If there are two things that all Singaporeans love, I’m sure, it’s playing games and winning money.

Now you can do both at the same time.

And even learn useful knowledge in the process.

(And no, it’s definitely not a scam.)

If you are a fan of treasure hunt games (and Actually looking for real treasure at the same time), ValueChampion’s brand new virtual treasure hunt, called #VCWorld Treasure Hunt, is for you.

From now until October 19, you can win up to $10,000 through #VCWorld, the futuristic new metaverse that has attractive prizes like this cash prize up for grabs.

#VCWorld is co-created by ValueChampion, a team of research analysts that aims to help consumers with financial planning by helping them find the best financial products and services for individual consumers, and OurWorldisFlat (OWF).

And yes, that $10,000 isn’t a typo (or an extra zero).

What is the game about

And if you’re wondering where learning useful knowledge comes in, it’s here.

Throughout the games, non-player characters (NPCs) from ValueChampion partners such as HSBC, Allianz and IG will be present in #VCWorld to engage with players.

In particular, they will quiz and guide players on six different areas of financial literacy, namely: cards, investments, general insurance, life insurance, loans and savings accounts. (For those of us who can’t tell the difference, it’s a sign of participate and learn more!)

Base Camp, a space station in the game will also contain more clues and information to help players in their search.

After answering quizzes posted by NPCs, you can earn reputation points and clues to the location of treasure chests.

You’ll need to earn a certain amount of reputation before you can open the chest, so don’t forget to try the quizzes first!

For more information on treasure hunting in the #VCWorld metaverse, players can visit ValueChampion website.

Prizes to be won

And here’s everyone’s favorite part (of course): the prizes players can look to win by participating in the #VCWorld Treasure Hunt.

There are three different types of treasure chests available in the #VCWorld metaverse, and they are the Grand Chest, the Travel Chest, and the Voucher Chest.

For the Grand Chest, the winner (the player who finds the chest first) will take home $10,000 as mentioned earlier.

For the Travel Chest, the winner will walk away with a 2D1N stay for two at Montigo Resort in Batam (including return ferry tickets) worth S$338.

As for the voucher box, the winner will receive a $200 voucher for, an online travel agency.

Only one winner will be crowned for each chest, so run, don’t walk, to start the treasure hunt!

Daily gifts and prizes from the best sponsors

But that’s not all, because there will also be 12 days of giveaways during the event.

In particular, expect prizes from top brands like Golden Village, Lazada, Universal Studios Singapore, and Grab. Here is How? ‘Or’ What you can have a chance to win the daily gifts.

And yes, there are 12 gifts, which means there are plenty of prizes for everyone to win.

Other than that, ValueChampion will also be giving away a $500 cash prize to the “Top Referrer” of the whole campaign, so feel free to share this referral code with those around you!

For players who refer your friends and family, note that they will need to enter your referral code when they register for #VCWorld.

Winners will also be contacted by ValueChampion via email within three business days of your win, so don’t worry if you’re wondering where you can claim your prize.

How to participate

And for those of us already prepping our laptops, here’s everything you need to make to begin your journey in the #VCWorld Metaverse.

First, create an account with OWF here.

Once logged into your account, follow the in-game tutorial.

Then you can start your adventure by exploring the space station in search of information (and hidden clues) before trying the various quizzes.

Then, when you have earned enough reputation points and clues, you can explore the game map and use your clues to find out where the treasure chest is.

As for tips, ValueChampion will also be posting daily tips on their Facebook page like this, so go ahead and ‘like’ their Facebook page so you don’t miss a thing!

And once you’re able to decode the chests’ access codes, the price inside will be all up to you!

PS Don’t say bojiobut here are a few ValueChampion “hacks” that might come in handy when navigating the #VCWorld Metaverse!

For the latest details and updates on the #VCWorld Metaverse Treasure Hunt, be sure to ‘like’ the ValueChampion Facebook page here.

This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with ValueChampion Singapore.

Geraldine L. Melton